Founded by Allen Milam and his father, Thomas, the first store was opened in 1984 on Bird Road in Miami, FL and was operated under the Piggly Wiggly franchise name. In 1989, the store was renamed to Milam's Market, setting the stage for a brand that would continue to grow over the coming decades. Allen ran the store until the company began adding additional stores, and by 2001 the company had grown into a four-store chain serving the communities of Miami-Dade County. During this period, some of Allen's siblings joined the company, bringing in additional retail and business expertise to the growing company.

Milam's Markets prides itself on offering quality, variety, and service, second to none. The Milam family has always believed that a supermarket plays a vital role in the community and in the lives of those who inhabit it. As a result, Milam's Markets strives to constantly improve its shopping experience and product offerings in order to make a positive difference in their lives. In order to achieve this, the Milam family continually reinvests itself into the stores and has completed major renovations at multiple locations.

Milam's Markets is now a third-generation family business, employing ten family members in total. Since Allen's retirement in 2015, his brothers, Max Milam (Chief Executive Officer) and Mike Milam (President) are now leading the Company. With the help of its supportive communities, caring associates, strong management team, and continued family involvement, Milam's Markets looks to continue growing and improving itself for decades to come.

Family Leadership

Allen Milam - Co-Founder

Max Milam, CPA - CEO

Mike Milam - President

Tyler Milam - COO

Marie Milam Dixon - VP | Secretary & Treasurer

Lee Milam - VP | Category Management & Special Projects

Kristie Milam - VP | Finance & Real estate

Trey Milam, CPA - VP | Controller

Bill Milam - VP | Information Technology

Michael Milam - Store Manager at Milam's Markets in Miami Springs

Heather Dixon - Corporate Administrative Assistant