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Bakery Department

At Milam’s we know fresh, and the freshness of our baked goods is incredibly important to us.
We have an extensive assortment of breads and desserts that are baked fresh, in-house, as well as delectable items from many of our local bakeries. If your family has any dietary restrictions, we have you covered! We offer many organic, gluten-free, and vegan options. Our selection doesn’t stop at the border either! We have the delicious baked breads and pastries from Euro Classic of France, which are baked with centuries old baking standards to ensure quality and tenderness.


Some of the local baked goods you’ll find at Milam’s are:

Espressed Juice
Glaser Organic Farms
Big Loaf Bakery
Central Pastries
Glaser Organic Farms
Kelly Family Bakery
The Father's table
Susi Licious
Grate Madeleine
Ellee's Granola
Bread & Bread