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Milams Market
Produce Department

We know how important farm fresh produce is to you.
Every day our produce buyer is searching the produce market and local farms for the quality and variety you expect. If you're looking for that "Fresh from the Farm" quality, we have it. Our philosophy is that if we wouldn’t serve it to our own family, it doesn’t go on our stands. Fresh fruit and vegetables are the items you buy every day, so we are constantly looking for the sweetest fruit and crispest vegetables. We prepare, trim, cut, slice, and chop many of the vegetables and fruits that you want for convenience right in our stores.

Floral Department

Our mission for flowers is to provide you with Florist quality fresh stems, bouquets and plants at grocery store prices
We are committed to offering only the finest variety of fresh-cut flowers that come from all over the world. Our professional staff is dedicated to making your floral gift a perfect one!


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