Fresh Seafood

Fresh Seafood

Hand-filleted fish, fresh-to-order steamed lobster, and fresh-caught Florida stone crab claws–there’s a sea of options at our seafood counter. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff take great pride in their seafood display and are delighted to help with recommendations, cooking methods, flavor profiles–you name it! You can count on us to bring the freshness of the sea to your table.


Only Available During Season

We’re lucky that the state of Florida has one of the best delicacies- Florida Stone Crab Claws! Known for their sweet and succulent meat, Stone Crab Claws are fresh-caught and delivered daily in a variety of sizes. Don’t forget to grab some of our homemade mustard sauce to dip them in!

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At our fish counters you’ll discover a diverse selection of fish and crustaceans, including branzino, Faroe Island salmon, tilapia, tuna loin, mahi-mahi, corvina snapper, seabass, live Maine lobster, and when available, Florida lobster. We expertly fillet all fish and provide complimentary steam cooking.


Our in-house family of sushi chefs creates fresh sushi and poke bowls daily, using high-quality fish and exceptional ingredients. Fueled by a passion for crafting rolls, our team offers a variety of grab-and-go options, or you can order platters for your next gathering.

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A refreshing recipe by Chef Paulette Bilsky-Phillips. It’s perfect for the sunny South Florida weather and is served with a healthy side of roasted vegetables and homemade tzatziki.

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Check out the refrigerated seafood case for some delectable local smoked fish dips by What Are We Smokin’? and Smilin’ Bob’s. These dips capture the essence of Florida’s culinary traditions and are sure to be an irresistible favorite by your families like they are with ours!

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