Fresh Seafood

Fresh Seafood

Looking for something right off the boat?

Then look no further. Milam’s seafood department buyers are looking for the freshest local seafood every single day. Six days a week our stores receive fresh fish and shellfish from local fishermen and seafood distributors. Our in-store fish mongers are happy to take your special orders, fillet your fish and offer cooking tips. When it’s Florida Stone Crab season, one of the places you will find the biggest, sweetest, meatiest Stone Crab claws right here.

stone crab claws on ice

Fresh-Caught Florida Stone Crab Claws

Available Starting October 16th!

No need to drive around Miami looking for the seasonal delicacy of fresh Florida Stone Crab Claws. All Milam's locations proudly offer a variety of sizes- Medium, Large, Jumbo, and even Colossal- perfectly complemented by our Homemade Mustard Dipping Sauce.

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raw salmon fillet on black stone cutting board with wooden knife, herb and mushroom

Salmon from the Faroe Islands

Renowned worldwide for its exceptional flavor profile, Faroe Island salmon is a desirable flsh that is sure to appeal delight even the pickiest of seafood eaters.

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Grilled salmon with yogurt sauce and fresh herbs

Mediterranean Balsamic Salmon & Roasted Vegetables with Tzatziki

Recipe by: Paulette Bilsky-Phillips, Private Chef
Serves: 6 people
Preparation & cooking time: 75 minutes
This recipe was made for the 2020 Milam's Market Holiday Magazine

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