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Artist Collab: Magnus Sodamin

To truly celebrate the diversity our beautiful state brings, we must support the countless natural areas and ecosystems we are blessed to share our home with. Our new reusable canvas bag collaboration is with local artists, Magnus Sodamin, and supporting the Alliance for Florida’s National Park.

Enjoy The Artistic Stylings Of Local Artist Magnus Sodamin

Our newest canvas bag collaboration features the artwork of Magnus Sodamin, a Florida local that is committed to showcasing the beauty of the natural world. His lush nature inspired paintings explore changing global narratives through spiritual inquiry and spontaneous creativity. His process is cathartic and vigorous, resulting in paintings that reflect the beauty of the natural world, while exploring the states of climate, and environment. His vibrant works are full of energetic gestures that are both joyful and turbulent, indicative of the artists’ passionate sense awe and quiet reverence of nature.

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His artwork on our canvas bags, called “Florida Wildlife Corridor” was created in to highlight how important it is to protect Florida’s last wild spaces. “Florida Wildlife Corridor” is a celebration of life, a window into nature, past and present, teleporting the residents of Miami into Florida’s hidden wild. The drawing reflects Florida’s wild neighbors, lush landscape, and the importance of preserving green spaces for the future of our watersheds and biodiversity.

Through this work, Magnus Sodamin hopes shoppers see a reflection of our local environment and memorialize Florida’s magnificent and unique wilderness.

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Supporting Wildlife With The Alliance For Florida’s National Parks

For every Magnus Sodamin canvas bag that is purchased, we will donate $1 to The Alliance for Florida’s National Parks.

The Alliance for Florida’s National Parks is an organization that was first founded in 2002 and is the official philanthropic partner for Florida’s four National Parks: Everglades, Biscayne, Dry Tortugas, and Big Cypress National Preserve. They strive to provide our state parks with financial support that goes beyond what our government provides. They rely solely on the donations from private donors to fund projects which give visitors an exploration experience that create deeper connections between the community and these national parks. You can learn more about how to get involved with their work here.

The Alliance for Florida's National Parks
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