Milam's Markets employees holding a donation check for St. Nicklaus Children's Hospital


$30,000 for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Miami’s incredible community was able to shine a little brighter following a recent fundraising campaign at Milam’s Market. Our local family-owned grocery store connected directly with community members to raise funding for the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital—a hospital that is working to serve Miami’s diverse community and provide support for local children with varying needs.

Proving that small contributions can lead to huge change, the Milam’s Market team and locals rallied to put their money towards the greater good. Let’s explore what we accomplished together!

Small Donations, A Big Impact

Through individual donations during checkout, Milam’s Market shoppers donated an astounding $30,607.33 for the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. These donations were collected through individual donations at checkout with some truly amazing results. With this campaign, we were able to show that donating a few cents or a few dollars here and there can really add up. We were so proud to be able to share this huge donation with our partners at this local children’s hospital!

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital’s Impact On Local Communities

In Miami, we have a huge community with so many people who are leaving a lasting impact on the area. We strive to provide support to groups that we believe support the greater good—and Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is one local organization that is putting in the work to help local families in the Miami area.

This incredible hospital is known for serving a highly diverse patient population with a focus on catering to those in need. The Nicklaus Children’s Hospital proudly offers support for Medicaid patients, with current numbers showing that 70% of patients include families that are insured by Medicaid. This group is committed to helping to support the safety and health of those who need it most.

Supporting Our Community

At Milam’s Market, we know that we would be absolutely nothing without the support of our local community—and we are proud to give back. We recognize that the true strength of any community comes from the contributions made by those within it, and we are so grateful that our local Miami community members are just as committed to supporting Florida residents as we are.

We are happy to help spread the word and gather support for local organizations that help to improve the city that we know and love, and we firmly believe that a little support can have lasting impacts. With every donation, we come closer to improving the area that we call home.


The Takeaway

Our recent fundraiser with the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is one of many fundraisers that we will hold, and we look forward to exploring future opportunities to support community members in all that they do.

We want to thank every single shopper who donated—no matter how big or how small—to support the medical needs of those who need the most help. We also want to thank the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital for supporting our community and providing care to families in our area. Our team looks forward to joining you all in making future contributions that support Miami!

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