Our Favorite Florals

A collection of a few of our favorite blooms that are perfect to give as a holiday gift or to create a beautiful bouquet of your own. All of our fresh flowers are florist-grade!



Versatile flowering shrubs, grace arrangements with vibrant clusters of blue, pink, white, and purple blooms. Symbolizing gratitude and beauty, these exquisite flowers are perfect as a focal piece in a bouquet or placed in a vase on their own, allowing you to admire their beauty.

rose lilies

Rose Lily

When the blooms of a rose lily open, you’ll be surprised to see the layers of ruffled petals that are white along the edges and fade into lovely colors towards the bloom. Each stem comes with 2-3 blooms.



Our tulips are directly imported from Holland. These richly-hued, cup-shaped blooms come in a variety of colors and shades. You can display them with the plastic tubes on the stem for a straight-up look or remove them to let the tulips hang gracefully over the edges of the vase.

veronica flowers


This tall and thin flower adds height to an arrangement. Its special shape creates dimension and the shades of color in the numerous florets are very soft and elegant.



Sunflowers are one of our top sellers. with their vibrant golden petals and towering stems, are nature’s radiant symbols of positivity and resilience. These cheerful blooms add a burst of sunshine to any home and are a cheerful gift to give to others.

spray garden roses

Spray Garden Rose

Spray garden roses, with their petite clusters on a single stem, offer a delicate and luxurious touch to floral arrangements. These versatile blooms, available in various colors, bring the timeless elegance and romantic fragrance of traditional garden roses to any bouquet or centerpiece.

dianthus green ball

Dianthus Green Ball

Dianthus Green Ball introduces a modern touch to floral designs with its distinctive green pom-pom blooms. The simplicity of this variety effortlessly enhances bouquets and arrangements, creating a fresh and contemporary aesthetic that stands out.

macchiato roses

Macchiato Roses

This seasonal fall rose is one of our best sellers for a reason. Macchiato Roses are tinted in beautiful bronze hues, bringing warm and cozy feelings to your home. Since we don’t get the privilege of seeing the seasonal changes of outdoor plants here in Florida, these hued roses are a great way to experience fall colors in Miami.

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