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Rishi Snacks:
Empowering the Community

We are proud to introduce Rishi Snacks, a local family business that’s all about delicious snacks, community, love, and opportunity. Founded by the Patel family, Rishi Snacks is a testament to their son Rishi’s vibrant spirit and the special needs community’s potential.


Rishi, a young adult with autism, is the heart and soul of Rishi Snacks. His parents, Manisha and Vijay, wanted to create meaningful opportunities for him and others in the special needs community. Their vision was to craft a business that offers more than just employment – it’s a place where friendships thrive, skills are practiced, and independence is nurtured. Rishi, a social butterfly, brings joy and energy to everything he does, including his participation in Friendship Circle Miami.


Every batch of Rishi Snacks is prepared by hand, with love, by Rishi, his friends, and family. These artisanal Indian snacks, called chevda, are steeped in tradition and family heritage. Rishi’s grandmother passed down her cherished recipe, which has been enjoyed for generations. During the pandemic, Rishi discovered his knack for making these snacks. He took on everything from mixing the ingredients to bagging the finished product, proving his capability and passion for the business.


Chevda is a crunchy, flavorful, and savory combination of potato, corn, rice krisps, fennel, nuts, curry leaves, turmeric, kale, dry fruit, and Indian spices. It can be enjoyed on its own or as an addition to many dishes. The Original Flavor by Rishi is the treasured recipe from Manisha’s mother, Rishi’s grandmother, and remains a favorite. The spice combination is the base for other flavors, like Mango Chili Lime, created with the help of celebrity chef and nutritionist Chef Vicky Colas.


These snacks are incredibly versatile. Enjoy them straight out of the bag or get creative! Sprinkle them on soups, salads, or sandwiches for a crunchy, flavorful kick. Crush them and use them as a breading for chicken or fish to add a unique twist to your meals. Check them out on Instagram at @rishi_snocks for more ways to enjoy, like on hotdogs!

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In just one year, Rishi Snacks has grown from a small online venture to a business with a presence in multiple states. You can find Rishi Snacks Original and Mango Chili Lime flavors at Milam’s Market locations in Pinecrest, Coconut Grove, and Miami Springs. You can often catch one of the young adults from Rishi Snacks doing samplings.


Rishi Snacks is more than just a business; it’s a journey of love, inclusion, and delicious traditions. By supporting Rishi Snacks, you’re not only indulging in delightful flavors but also championing a cause that celebrates the capabilities of the special needs community. Taste the tradition, love the mission, and be a part of the Rishi Snacks family.

For more information visit www.rishisnacks.com

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