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Sullivan St. Bakery

At Milam’s Market, we have a special passion for bringing the highest quality food to our customers. We know that not all foods are made the same, and we aim to support businesses that we believe really go the extra mile. Sullivan St. Bakery is one brand that we are proud to offer in our stores. Let’s discuss what makes this bakery so special!

What Is Sullivan St. Bakery?

Sullivan St. Bakery is a renowned New York bakery formed in 1994 that is known for its old-world, Italian-inspired, hearth-baked bread. First made by Jim Lahey, master baker and two-time James Beard recipient, the brand is now growing due to a partnership with local Miami café owner Steven Perricone of Perricone’s. These two worked together to introduce delicious Italian-style loaves of bread to the Miami area.

Sullivan Street Bread loaf of bread with ramican of melted butter

What Makes Their Bread So Special?

You will know that Sullivan St. Bakery is something special from the first moment that you taste their baked goods. Locally baked in Miami in a state-of-the-art facility located in Little Haiti, Sullivan St. Bakery bread is a wonderful addition to your pantry. These delicious loaves of bread are mixed from scratch and shaped by hand, giving them an unbelievable flavor and texture. They are made with a clean label and no preservatives, so you can feel good about enjoying them.

Sullivan St. Bakery Loaves are all handmade using traditional methods created by Italian artisans throughout the centuries. Made with thoughtfully sourced ingredients and the natural sourdough starter cultivated by founder Jim Lahey, you won’t taste bread like this anywhere else. Offering a variety of different styles and pairings, we are proud to bring you this local delicacy.

assortment of bread loafs

Bringing Sullivan St. Bakery To All Milam’s Market Locations

All Milam’s Market locations are partnered with Sullivan St. Bakery—which means you can find this delicious bread any time that you visit us! We carry everything from Italian baguettes to focaccia—all the way to sliced sourdough. The possibilities are endless, and we are proud to recommend flavor additions that contrast and complement one another.

two skinny loaves of bread side by side next to a knife and ramican of. melted butter

Recommended Pairings

There are countless ways to enjoy this delicious local bread, but some pairs really seem to create the perfect flavor combination.

We Recommend The Following Pairings:

  • Pugliese (white sourdough) with turkey, lettuce, and tomato
  • Multigrain (six-grain sourdough with honey) with smashed avocado and hummus
  • Truccione (wheat sourdough) with burrata and tomato
  • Any bread option with honey butter
  • Any bread option with Italian extra virgin olive oil
sliced loaf of bread on cutting board with herbs, olives, knife and melted butter

Try Sullivan St. Bakery Today!

You won’t believe the flavor and texture of this bread made using traditional methods. Whether you enjoy a slice on its own or make a delicious sandwich, you will be glad that you chose to give Sullivan St. Bakery’s amazing loaves a try. To get a taste of their delightful offerings and see what kind of options we have available, visit Milam’s Market today. We can’t wait to hear just how much you loave this bread!

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