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Domaselo: Authentic Sourdough Bread

Blending high-quality foods with local products is a core focus for Milam’s Market, allowing our staff to interact with many talented local brands. Milam’s Market has recently partnered with Domaselo to bring authentic sourdough bread to all our locations.

What Is Domaselo?

Domaselo is a Miami based company that bakes exceptional sourdough bread using the millennia old method of using only water, flour, and salt as the base ingredients. Rather than relying on modern approaches, which often require the addition of yeast, Domaselo preserves the classic approach to making exceptional bread. Pairing tradition with quality, this local brand is built on a historical understanding of baking.

Domaselo, founded by Emil Hristov, was born from a rich familial history. As a child, Emil grew up eating freshly baked bread at home that was made by his mother and grandmother in Macedonia. When he was 15, he moved to the United States as an exchange student and found it himself yearning for that comforting feeling provided by the aroma of a fresh-baked and warm loaf of bread. There were very few options for minimally processed and authentic food options at that time.

As the years went by, Emil spent more time back in Europe, specifically Paris, where we would stop by the local bakery every morning to pick up a fresh loaf of traditionally-made sourdough. Emil had forgotten how much joy this simple morning routine had brought, and it encouraged him to learn how to bring this joy with his family and friends back in the United States.

The decision to create a sourdough bread bakery was an emotional one–but it was one that allowed him to share his childhood nostalgia with a growing number of people. Now, Domaselo ships nationwide and is available in various varieties at all Milam’s Market!

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What Makes Domaselo Bread Different From Your Average Loaf?

Domaselo offers traditional sourdough “country” bread, which is a European term to mean naturally leavened. Standing apart from the rest, this bread uses no yeast, making it ideal for individuals with yeast intolerances and allergies.


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The primary difference in Domaselo bread is its simplicity. Their bread is derived from three easily-identifiable ingredients–flour, water, and salt. The flour is also made using whole grain flour that is delivered fresh by small, family owned millers. Whole grain is not the same as whole wheat. When milling the whole grain, the flour maintains all of its nutritional value and does need to have chemically derived nutrients added back in like enriched or whole wheat flours often do. Whole grain flour is flour it’s natural and basic form.

Another key difference with Emil’s baking process is the fermentation time. Most commercial bread can be made in as little as two hours–an amount of time that is ideal for mass-producing baked goods. However, Domaselo uses a long fermentation process- a minimum 24-hour cycles which allows the gluten to properly be broken down for easier digestion.

Enjoy Domaselo Bread At All Milam’s Market Locations!

Emil Hristov and his team are working hard to create authentic, high-quality bread using natural ingredients and classic processes. Next time you’re at the store, make sure to try a loaf of his delicious yeast-free bread, that Miami just can’t get enough of!

Emil of Domaselo bread carrying a box of packaged breads in the Milam's Markets parking lot
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