Taylor’s Ultimate Sauces

A Fusion Of Family Roots:

Tired of bland, one-dimensional hot sauces that simply scorch your taste buds without delivering any true flavor? If so, it’s time to embark on a culinary exploration with Taylors Hicks and his delectable sauces, Taylor’s Ultimate sauces.

Born and raised in Miami, Taylor Hicks grew up in a family of passionate cooks. Inspired by his culinary heritage, he inherited a love for food and a desire to push the boundaries of flavor. Drawing from his Peruvian father and mother’s Southern roots, Taylor’s upbringing was a melting pot of diverse aromas and tastes, resulting in a unique fusion of Southern comfort food with an exotic twist.

With a passion for experimenting in the kitchen, Taylor discovered a void in the hot sauce market. Commercial hot sauces failed to enhance the natural flavors of the dishes, often overwhelming them with excessive heat. Determined to create the perfect balance, he embarked on a mission to develop the ultimate sauces. In early 2014, Taylor’s Ultimate Sauces was born.

Taylor cooking in the kitchen stirring a large pot

Commitment To Excellence

To achieve the perfect balance between heat and flavor, Taylor wanted to learn more about chili pepper varietals and discovered chili peppers from Peru and the Andes Mountains, along with savory herbs and spices from Tuscany and the Orient. Additionally, he sourced spicy and aromatic peppers grown right here in the United States. This extensive range of ingredients allows Taylor’s Ultimate Sauces to deliver a symphony of flavors, ensuring a taste experience that goes beyond mere heat. The sauces are the culmination of soulful and exotic cultures, flavors, and traditions, influenced by the Hicks family’s love for cooking. Taylor considers his flavorful creations as a “craft” brand of sauces, like how craft brewers make innovative and specially flavored beers.

So, whether you’re a heat-seeking enthusiast or a flavor connoisseur, Taylor’s Ultimate Sauces will be sure to compliment and elevate your meal. Indulge in the perfect blend of Southern flair, international influences, and gastronomic delight.

You can find Taylor’s Ultimate Sauces at these Milam’s Markets locations: Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Pinecrest, and Miami Springs.

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Discover Your Favorite

assortment of Taylor's Ultimate sauces lined up with Taylor's Ultimate Sauces logo

Ragin’ Rocoto Hot Sauce:

A blend of chili peppers, with the Peruvian rocoto pepper as the star. This flavor profile is very complex with a hint of cilantro and a fiery finish.

Mild Jalapeno Hot Sauce:

This sauce is rich in jalapeno flavor, and yet it is pleasingly mild on the palate. You won’t experience any pulpy bits or tiny hulls and seeds.

Mild Habanero Hot Sauce:

Delivers a subtle blend of hot peppers and select spices that brings a nice level of heat. A balanced sauce with pepper taste which won’t scorch your tongue.

Tuscan Style Hot Sauce:

Makes great use of tomato with a fiery pepper flair yielding a pleasantly spicy sauce without the excessive heat.

Andres Fire Hot Sauce:

A perfect combination of roasted garlic flavor combined with an excellent balance of heat that will make garlic lovers rejoice! Great on dishes ranging from seafood to BBQ

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