Tasty fresh meat burgers with salad and cheese. Homemade angus burger. Great for Bowl football Game


Game Day Essentials

There are many ways to host an epic game day, but it all comes down to the type of event you are hosting.

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Euro Classic Bakery cheeseburger

Image Source: Euro Classic Bakery. Accessed via www.instagram.com/euroclassicbakery/

Tank Brewing Co Freedom tower beer being held above a cooler of more Tank Brewing Co. beers


The Main: A great burger starts with great meat. Whether it’s our freshly made cheddar bacon patties from the meat department, some mouth-watering ground wagyu, a plant-based meat, or a classic package of ground beef.

The Extras: Our favorite bun is the Euro Classic Brioche Hamburger bun. Brioche bread…need we say more? Give them a light toast and then load them up with all the fixings! Don’t forget the bag of chips. We recently started stocking Boulder Canyon Avocado Oil Wavy Chips. A perfect combo of salty and crunchy.

The Perfect Pair: Grab a local brew from The Tank, Biscayne Bay, La Tropical, Wynwood Brewing, Tripping Animals, Veza Sur, and the list goes on.
Celebrate every touchdown with a cold and crisp beverage, brewed right in our hometown.

a plate of fried chicken wings on grey counter
Casa Azul Tequila sofa can and box on wooden table

Image Source: Casa Azul Spirits, LLC. Accessed via https://casaazulspirits.com/


The Main: Unless you love staying busy in the kitchen, we 100% recommend getting some fuss-free party platters. Just order ahead here and pick up in store. Buffalo Chicken Wings and a Vegetable Platter are football’s best friends.

The Extras: If you need even more accompaniments to the platters, but we don’t think you will, grab your favorite chicken/tuna salad from the deli and a package of crackers. But be warned that it will go fast, especially if you get the Honey Pecan Chicken Salad!

The Perfect Pair: Large groups are always a little tricky because everyone has different tastes. Try getting a mix of sparkling water, soda, and spiked seltzers. There’s a new Casa Azul Tequila Soda at our Grove and Pinecrest stores that is a customer favorite.

hand flipping meat on outdoor grill with tongs
an assortment of 3 red Josh wine bottles with glass corkscrew and grapes on wooden counter


The Main: A night game calls for a tender—juicy Certified Angus Beef® branded steak. A New York Strip, T-Bone, or Ribeye steak are some of the easiest to cook on the stove or grill.

The Extras: Our assortment of homemade twice-baked potatoes from the deli allows you to keep all of your focus on the game, or should we say most of your attention on the game … we don’t want any overcooked steaks over there! Our deli associates can heat the potatoes for you, or you can pop them in the oven at home.

The Perfect Pair: It wouldn’t be right for us to recommend anything other than a full-bodied cabernet sauvignon wine to sip during the timeouts and commercial breaks!

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