assortment of locally baked goods and desserts


Locally Baked Sweets

Got a sweet tooth? We’ve got a treat for you!
Our selection of desserts features a variety of local goodies from talented bakers and artisans right here in Miami.

almotti gluten free italian delicacies logo

Meet Carlo Riciti, the pastry maestro behind Almotti’s authentic Sicilian delights. With a passion for preserving tradition and using all-natural ingredients, Carlo and his wife, Rebecca, started Almotti, a 100% gluten-free bakery. From Soft Amaretti to Coconut Macaroons, their treats are a taste of Sicily right here in Miami.

Carlo Ricitti and wife Rebecca of Almotti Gluten Free Italian Delicacies
assortment of eddas cakes
Edda's Cake Designs logo

Edda’s is not just a name; it’s a Miami tradition. Starting as a home-based cake operation over 40 years ago, Edda has built a cake empire known for its style and deliciousness. Passed down to her family, Edda’s legacy lives on through custom cakes, like the famed Vanilla Rum Bundt, it’s not just a cake; it’s an Edda’s!

assortment of mishas cupcakes
Misha's cupcakes logo

In the Miami dessert scene, Misha needs no introduction. From kitchen experiments in 2005 to multiple locations and wholesale fame, Misha’s Cupcakes are a local favorite. Indulge in cute mini cupcakes, delightful cake in a jar, and more sweet treats that Misha has perfected over the years.

chef odell oreo dessert
Chef Odell logo

Satisfy your sweet cravings with desserts from award-winning chef, Odell Torres. Chef Odell, a Cuban family-owned business, specializes in grab-and-go delights that make it hard to pick a favorite. From Mango Crème Brûlée to Tres Leches, Chef Odell’s creations are sweet, rich, creamy, and utterly addictive!

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