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In 2008, Panther Coffee founders Leticia and Joel Pollock identified an opportunity to highlight global coffee beans in Miami’s vibrant culture. Despite the rich coffee scene already in place, they observed a lack of specialty roasters focusing on bean quality and direct producer relationships. Committed to benefiting the community, producers, and their team, Panther Coffee prioritizes fully developing coffee bean sugars without creating carbon, ensuring a sweet, nuanced flavor. This dedication has fostered a beloved community that celebrates the unique coffees crafted by the Panther Coffee roasting team.

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Per'La Coffee


Per’La, born from the deep friendship and artistic commitment of Chris and Paul, goes beyond personal connections with global coffee farmers. As one of only 350 Q Graders in the U.S., Paul Massard’s expertise ensures sourcing the finest beans. Meticulously roasted for water solubility, Per’La’s process highlights each coffee variety’s unique flavors, consistently scoring above 85 on the grading scale, with some offerings reaching into the 90s.


Eternity Coffee Roasters is a Miami specialty coffee roasting company founded by coffee roast-master CJ and Colombian Coffee Growers Ernesto and Cristina Garces. From 2011-2023 Eternity Coffee Roasters had been a local and international destination coffee house and roastery in Downtown Miami. Now a full-time roasting company, they offer a truly ” seed to cup” experience.

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