stone crab claws on ice


Fresh-Caught Florida Stone Crab Claws

Fresh Claws will be available October 16, 2024!

No need to drive around Miami looking for the seasonal delicacy of fresh Florida Stone Crab Claws during Stone Crab Season. All Milam’s locations will proudly offer a variety of sizes- Medium, Large, Jumbo, and even Colossal- perfectly complemented by our Homemade Mustard Dipping Sauce.

Our claws arrive fresh daily at each of our stores, ready to be enjoyed without any cooking or steaming required. Need them cracked? Just ask! Our dedicated seafood team will gladly crack the claws for you, allowing you to savor their plump and tender meat as soon as you get home.


Note: The suggested appetizer serving size is l lb. and dinner serving size is 1.5 lbs per person.


Medium Claws

Weight: 2.5-3 oz
Appetizer Serving: 6 Claws
Dinner Serving: 9 Claws

Large Claws

Weight: 3-5 oz
Appetizer Serving: 4 Claws
Dinner Serving: 6 Claws

Jumbo Claws

Weight: 5-7 oz
Appetizer Serving: 3 Claws
Dinner Serving: 4 Claws

Colossal Claws

Weight: 7-9 oz
Appetizer Serving: 2 Claws
Dinner Serving: 3 Claws

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